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About US CE_Van and Group photo Dec 2016.jpg
About US CE_Van and Group photo Dec 2016.jpg


As part of our employee’s employment we provide on the job training that includes teaching skills needed to perform various work tasks, operate machinery, complete workplace paperwork, maintain time management and follow health and safety practices.  We have in house assessors for the recognition of NZQA unit standards, so our employees can earn credits to help them obtain qualifications that they may not have had access to or been able to achieved at school.

As a recently registered Tertiary Education Organisation Cargill's offers our employees a regular classroom type training programme. The classes run during paid work hours and are tutored by skilled, contracted educators that make learning an enjoyable and exciting experience for all that choose to participate. This includes 101 computers and learning to navigate the internet. 

Our aim is to give all staff improved skills that lead to increased options and freedom in their lives including permanent employment in the open workforce.


Class of 2018 has now graduated.