Camp Iona

Our trip to Camp Iona by Debra Reilly.


On Friday we left about 3.10pm and headed up to camp Iona by Oamaru. When we arrived we unloaded the bus, and we got 2-3 people per room. Then it was time for tea.

After tea we played card games where you pick up a card and you got points. On Saturday we played cricket with a very small bat. Mini cricket. That was worth points 6 points each time you hit the ball. Then we played water balloons. Where you pick a partner and one throws the balloon and the other catches without bursting the balloon and the water inside of it. And we played mini softball.

On Saturday, we went up to Oamaru to watch the little blue penguin colony. We watched them from 8.30am. The penguin go fishing all day, they leave early in the morning and come back about 8.30am.

To finish the day we went to a restaurant for tea.

On Sunday we went to Riverstone where they have gifts, shops, restaurants and much more. We had lunch at Oamaru gardens and then came back.

I’d like to take time to say a big thanks to the staff for a wonderful weekend.