Warren and his spaceship

When Warren Goodwin sits at the dinner table, he doesn’t see a coffee cup or
salt and pepper shakers — he sees the components of a laser gun.


The 33-year-old has spent the past three months collecting everyday

household items and fashioning them into a near life-size replica of

a Colonial Viper from the cult science-fiction television series

Battlestar Galactica.


He works at Cargill Enterprises, which supplied him with all the wood,

screws, hinges and tools he needed to build the spaceship, which

also contains old coffee cups, toilet rolls, parts from car scrap yards,

packaging material such as bubble wrap and foam rubber — "even

old second-hand bed sheets from the hospital".


It also has an iPad screen on the cockpit dash, with targeting and

scanner graphics similar to those shown in the television series read more