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Geoff Kemp​​​​​​​ CEO

Geoff was born and educated in Dunedin.  His background is as an engineer/designer/manager.  Geoff was the Operations Manager at Fisher & Paykel, Dunedin, and when it moved offshore he took up a positon managing an importing company for 3 years.  During that time he was invited to join the Cargill’s Board of management and in 2013 he accepted the position to govern Cargill Enterprises as the CEO.  Geoff brings a wealth of manufacturing knowledge to Cargill Enterprises and with his business acumen, foresight and caring nature he is moving Cargill Enterprises into a thriving social business that offers work, education and community support for those with a disability.

Geoff says ‘my happy place is walking the hills with my wife, Maria and boys (he has 3) or burning up the miles riding my bike with pals’