Peter K
Peter Kwiatkowski

Peter is a 62 year old father to a 40 year old autistic son.

Born in Dunedin he moved to Timaru in 1984 and was there for 18 years before moving back to Dunedin.

He has been employed in the Estate and Trust business for 45 years mostly with Trust companies but 5 years with a law firm.

Roles include accounting/tax ,internal audit, mortgage lending management, Investment management, estate and trust management/client manager and legal work relating the various Acts that pertain  to estates and trusts. Currently Peter is semi retired concentrating on legal  issues and compliance.

He has  been the  Chairperson of Maru Special School in Timaru for 11 years, which included liaising with various Govt depts for the construction of a new base at Highfield school and its subsequent closure.

Peter was also involved with RDA in Timaru and the IHC local committee when IHC was run by them.  He was also on the Parents Association with Dunedin IHC for many years as well as having various coaching roles for Special Olympics 10 pin Bowling.

Peter has been part of the Cargills Social club for 8 years.