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Kennel and Syrus outside.JPG
Kennel and Syrus outside.JPG

Dog Kennels

Protect your 'best friend' from the elements with our quality dog kennels.  They come in two sizes and are made from Treated Pine and Plywood with waterproofed flashing on the roof. They also come with a verandah for cat spotting.  

  • Large Dog Kennel  – 1400mm length by 900mm high  - Internal Dimensions  – 800mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 750mm (H)
  • Standard Dog Kennel – 1200mm length by 850mm high - (Internal Dimensions - 800mm (L) x 560mm (W) x 750mm (H))

 Dog Kennels can be made to order and you can have your dogs name on a special plaque attached.

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